All AMIGRA products are among those foods that have been defined as "superfood". These are vegetables or fruit that accredited scientific studies have shown to have great nutritional value and above all extraordinary benefits for our health.

We create only natural drinks with "super fruit" rich in natural antioxidants (substances that contrast cellular oxidation), large quantities of essential vitamins, especially in B and C group and those active ingredients (scientifically tested) effective in preventing or improving two most common disorders in our time: cardiovascular, cancer (breast, prostate and colon) and autoimmune nature ones.

We are committed to research only the best raw materials, mainly in Europe. Through methods that are able to respect their naturalness and their precious characteristics, AMIGRA juices show their effectiveness in just a few weeks. Due to this, they derive exclusively from fruit pressing, without added additives and sugars.

What we do 

AMIGRA, a food company specialized in superfoods. A range of products consistent with scientific discoveries that link nutrition and health benefits. Particular attention to antioxidants but also to other active ingredients, a range of products that are easy to insert into everyday life.

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Benefits and Science 

The remarkable benefits of superfood on the body and health. What are the studies and the scientific evidences. Antioxidant polyphenols and other active ingredients. Prevention and contrast of the most common disorders in modern society. Cardiovascular disorders, tumors and autoimmune diseases.

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The pomegranate and the sportsman

Energy, endurance, power, muscle recovery, attenuation of muscle pain. All that a sportsman needs to naturally achieve his training goals.

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