Pomegranate juice is an excellent post-workout because the polyphenols contained in large quantities help the muscles to restore their functionality, facilitating the super compensation from exercise. In fact, the antioxidant power of polyphenols contained in pomegranate juice can help to increase the nitric oxide bioavailability. This helps the body receive the oxygen and nutrients that it needs during the exercises. Drinking pomegranate juice protects against nitrogen monoxide’s breaking down in the body and can help you naturally achieve the goals of your physical training.

In 2011, a test was conducted at the University of Austin in Texas on 17 athletes to examine the potential impact of pure pomegranate juice on post-workout muscle strength recovery, establishing promising results even if further research is needed to confirm causality. Those who drank two servings (about 8oz each) of pomegranate juice per day for about two weeks maintained more strength in the arm after training than the group that did not drink the juice. Also on the eighth day the athletes completed strength exercises at maximum capacity and drank an additional serving of pomegranate juice immediately after exercising. This pomegranate supplement attenuated the weakness and reduced the pain of the elbow flexor. A statistically significant result was not found for knee extensor muscles.