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“Crazy for life, crazy for health”

AMIGRA is a project dedicated to those who have a conscious lifestyle and to those who want to improve it. With its 100% natural drinks with super fruit rich in antioxidants and from organic farming along with a continuous dissemination on issues related to nutrition and well-being, it helps you to take care of your body and live a lifestyle in harmony with yourself.

Staying healthy, doing daily exercising and adopting proper diet, mainly with fruits and vegetables, avoiding solving everything only with medicines, today can be complex or even meets many obstacles. Drinking a pure organic juice every day, rich in natural antioxidants and other fundamental active ingredients is simple. A small change which, however, can make considerable improvements, also respecting the environment.

AMIGRA is committed to spread this awareness.

For this reason, AMIGRA researches the best organic raw materials and works with methods that respect the precious organoleptic properties contained in them. Its granada juice in fact is derived 100% from fruit squeezing, not from concentrated fruit (NFC), but freshly picked fruit from the tree. Furthermore it is also the best thanks to a harvest made at the right point of ripening respecting and waiting for the times of nature.

AMIGRA is actively involved because an integrated diet with the most powerful "fruits of nature" can be in the every day’s life of conscious people who love life, nature and health.

Our vision is dedicated to you.

The Benefits of “Super Fruit”


The polyphenols contained in large quantities perform a strong natural antioxidant action, protecting our body’s cells from damages caused by free radicals and therefore contrasting the ageing of the skin.


The polyphenols and flavonoids contained in the pomegranate and in blueberries play a powerful action against the growth and spread of cancer cells.


Antioxidant substances contrast bad cholesterol (LDL) and contribute to increase the good one (HDL), carrying out an important action to prevent cardiovascular diseases.


Inflammation of tissues and oxidative stress caused by pollution and unhealthy food can cause immune system’s disorder. Fighting inflammation protects against many chronic disorders and autoimmune diseases.

For Sportsmen

Energy, resistance, power, great acceleration of muscle recovery, attenuation of muscle pain in the post workout.

Prevention of osteoporosis

The super fruit polyphenols through their powerful natural antioxidant action can help to prevent osteoporosis, being a valuable aid especially for menopausal women.

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"The best pomegranate juice I have ever drunk so good, you can taste the flavor of the fruit, tasty and with an aftertaste of tannin just like the one made at home. Congratulations.”


"I tried the cranberry and I really liked it, I always look for its properties (very good for us girls) but it is very difficult to find on the web compared to the blue one that is found in all versions. Then the organic cannot be found, I hope Amigra will continue to do it because I would buy it regularly. "


"I had called to get information on pomegranate juice, the origin of squeezing etc. They have so extolled their juice that I thought " the usual tradesmen “ but I ordered 2 bottles to try it. What can I say? I was amazed it is really exceptional, sweet but not sickly full of nuances that give the feeling of fresh fruit. I have tried many but this Amigra is of another category. “