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Sustainable agriculture: Amigra chooses only organic pomegranate.
Sustainable agriculture: Amigra chooses only organic pomegranate.

What could be more rewarding than tasting a fruit that is good and beneficial for the health of the body and at the same time respecting the environment? Our pomegranate comes from organic cultivation in Spain and that's why it maintains all its purity and quality.


But what exactly does organic farming or sustainable agriculture mean? What benefits does it bring to the environment and our health?

Organic cultivation allows a very low environmental impact production of pomegranate while maintaining a high quality standard. In fact, the Spanish pomegranate is the only one to have European DOP.


But what is essentially the difference between sustainable agriculture and conventional agriculture? In conventional agriculture, a considerable amount of fertilizers and plant protection products are used in the laboratory, therefore from industrial processes, while sustainable agriculture is based on respect for the agrosystem and the environment, while being partly based on the use of plant protection products, which on the contrary, however, do not contain synthetic substances, but substances of organic and natural origin.


It is therefore clear how pomegranate production as well as other types of production through organic agriculture brings numerous benefits not only to the health of our body but also to that of our planet, since it does not contaminate the soil with highly harmful products.


But that's not all, Amigra uses glass for its juices which is the only 100% recyclable material as opposed to plastic, of which we only recycle 30% while the rest ends up in rivers, seas and oceans. In addition, glass unlike plastic does not release any toxic contaminating substances and therefore does not alter the taste of the juice and guarantees its conservation for a longer period of time.


Returning to sustainable agriculture, we have seen how pomegranate production based on organic cultivation is free from pesticides, insecticides, antibiotics, chemical fertilizers, additives and preservatives. In the absence of these harmful substances, your body will not have to work to eliminate the accumulated toxic residues and will instead better assimilate all those precious active ingredients contained in the pomegranate, a superfood rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that helps prevent many diseases.


If you are still not convinced of the need to keep a diet from sustainable agriculture, just read the results of a study of the STOA (Science and Technology Options Assessment) of the European Parliament conducted in 2016 dedicated to the differences between organic and conventional food . In particular, attention goes to the damage to neurological development caused by the residues of pesticides present in conventional food.

According to the STOA study, blood and urine tests indicate that Europeans are exposed to organophosphates like Americans, and even more of them. In the USA, the association between the exposure of pregnant women to organophosphates and the mental development problems of children at the age of two, the lower attention span at 5 years, the lowest IQ at 7 years has been demonstrated, cognitive development altered at 12 and 24 months and between 6 and 9 years.

A result that is difficult to ignore!


This is why Amigra undertakes to make a pomegranate juice that derives exclusively from the pressing of pomegranate grown in organic plantations. The whole process of cultivation, production and conservation is subject to control and certificate by the Authorized Official Body of European Organic Agriculture, thus guaranteeing you a superior quality subjected to greater controls. So you can take care of your body with a simple gesture, drinking a certified 100% organic pure juice every day.

When buying pomegranate juice, always make sure of its origin. The lowest prices are normally associated with products from non-European countries without any guarantee of control.

Visit now and be naturally whole!











Post on : gen 14, 2020
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Author : Annalisa Aulicino

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