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Cocktail Moscow mule and pomegranate: an alternative recipe
Cocktail Moscow mule and pomegranate: an alternative recipe

The pomegranate is now the protagonist of many recipes in the kitchen. Its sweet and slightly acidic flavor at the same time makes it suitable for flavoring desserts and for filling savory pies, or even for preparing sauces to accompany fish or a cheese course. The pomegranate juice then lends itself to making many cocktails and today with the juice of this super fruit we decided to make the Moscow mule pomegranate cocktail. So if you love the famous Russian drink pay attention to this fresh and alternative version, for an original evening to spend with your friends.


Ingredients for 4 cups


Pomegranate juice 400 g

Vodka 180 g

Ginger beer 320 g

Juice of 2 files

Sugar 4 teaspoons

Fresh root ginger 1


To garnish


Pomegranate chicci q.b.

Sugar q.b.

Rosemary 4 sprigs

Fresh ginger 4 slices

Lime 1

Ice q.b.


To prepare the pomegranate moscow mule cocktail starts to shell the fruit, cutting the two ends with a smooth blade knife and removing them. Then make 4 or 5 incisions in length as if it were the skin of an orange. Now you can open the pomegranate into wedges and start to shell it. Collect the arils in a bowl and then blend everything. Pour everything into a sieve and get the juice by crushing with a spoon. If you have the extractor, throw the arils inside and a pure juice will come out directly. 

Transfer the juice into a bowl add the juice of 2 limes, squeeze 1 peeled ginger root and finally pour in the sugar.

Stir and leave to macerate for a couple of hours.


Meanwhile you can decorate the typical copper cups for the moscow mule cocktail or glasses. Cut 4 slices of ginger and 4 of lime and wet the edge of the glass by rubbing the flesh of the other half of the lime on the edge. Then frost the rim by dipping the wet part in the sugar.

Fill the cups half with ice, and for each pour 45 gr of vodka, 80 gr of ginger beer and ¼ of the pomegranate juice.


Mix well and complete with a little of pomegranate seeds, 1 sprig of rosemary, a slice of ginger and a slice of lemon.

Your Moscow pomegranate mule is ready and you just have to taste it fresh.

If you want a lighter alcoholic version, just don't use vodka.


Pomegranate is not always easy to find and is a seasonal fruit. Moreover, as you have seen, it is not so simple to shell it, it requires patience and a little more time.

Instead of fresh fruit you can use Amigra pomegranate juice, 100% pure cold-pressed organic pomegranate without added sugar. Try it and you will surely be amazed by its sweet taste without excesses and with a slight tannin aftertaste. Consuming pomegranate juice from Amigra will help you strengthen your immune defenses and counteract cellular aging, not only because of the annoying wrinkles on your skin but also because of many diseases, including cancer.

So fill up with antioxidants and use it to make your Moscow mule cocktail alternative.

Post on : nov 15, 2019
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Author : Annalisa Aulicino

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