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Superfood and Sport: why they are good for our health
Superfood and Sport: why they are good for our health

"Today I really can't, I have to work till late", "Today I'm too tired, I'm going to the gym tomorrow". How many excuses do we find every day to not do physical activity? A vicious circle from which it is difficult to get out: tiredness is fed by the lack of physical activity, the lack of physical activity causes tiredness. Lets add an incorrect diet rich in fats and proteins and our body is subjected to stressful situations that can facilitate the onset of chronic diseases.

How can we change course? Simple, for example, it has been scientifically demonstrated that sport and Superfood give concrete support to our body. Let's see how:

  • Optimizing the metabolism, improving the ratio between fat and lean body mass;
  • Strengthening muscles and joints, removing the risk, especially of spinal pathologies, thanks to more resistant abdominals and backbones.
  • Improving coronary blood supply to the heart, bringing improvements in the pressure and elasticity of the circulatory system.
  • Increasing the capacity of the respiratory system due to the greater demand for oxygenation by the pulmonary alveolus during exercise.
  • Regularizing mood disorders, contributing to the release of two important types of neuromediators: acetylcholine and endorphins, the happiness hormones.

So how to respect the timetable? Make a calendar with the days (at least 5) and the times to dedicate to some physical activity, whether in the gym or outdoors. If you are not an athlete or you have never practiced any sport activity, it can be useful to start with twenty minutes a day of fast walk combining with some stretching exercises.

Do not forget to take any opportunity to move, such as a flight of stairs or a short distance on foot. The results will be visible in a few weeks and not only in terms of physical well-being but also on the psyche.

But what kind of diet is it necessary to associate with the movement? Certainly if we fill ourselves with junk food or we exceed in the consumption of proteins, maybe justifying ourselves with having consumed some calories with a run or a walk, we do not contribute to our physical well-being. To the movement we must associate a correct and balanced diet based primarily on fresh fruits and vegetables, useful in the prevention of many chronic diseases.

According to the WHO, almost three million lives can be saved each year in the world thanks to sufficient consumption of fresh vegetables. In addition it would be useful to integrate the daily diet with certain "microelements", such as folic acid, mineral salts, vitamins, flavonoids. We decide whether to buy expensive supplements of dubious origin or supplement our diet with vegetables and fruit, which due to their high content of active ingredients and antioxidants are called "Superfood".

Sport and Superfood are therefore a winning combination that helps to counteract cellular aging and keep us active. In particular, pomegranate juice is excellent as a post work out, helping the muscles to restore their functionality. Amigra knows this well, which is why it offers you juices of a superior quality, with no added sugars, strictly organic and with an exceptional taste. Discover them now!

Post on : apr 24, 2019
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Author : Annalisa Aulicino

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