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Bilberry benefits: a help for the prostate
Bilberry benefits: a help for the prostate

Today we face a problem common to many men: prostatitis.

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland that can be caused by a bacterial infection, a lowering of the

immune system or a reduction in the muscle functions of the adjacent area. If some of these conditions persist in

the long term without being resolved, inflammation of the prostate can become chronic, resulting in frequent 

disorders that can interfere with everyday life. There is also a type of prostatitis known as “non-bacterical”, which

presents the same symptoms as bacterial, but the analysis does not show any bacteria present. A pathology that

for medical science is still a mystery and for which there are no traditional cures able to solve it.

It is important to understand the causes of prostatitis because the triggers can be 


  • Lifestyle (smoking, alcohol, drugs)
  • Stress (it lowers the immune system)
  • Excessive sexual intercourse (continuous loss of seminal fluid lowers the immune system)
  • Nutrition (an unbalanced diet causes chronic acidity and promotes infections)

Analyzing each of these factors and resolving them is crucial even before adopting external remedies to try to

heal. Leaving one of these areas of your life unresolved could lead to delays in the healing process or relapses.

Now we come to the natural remedies you can take to fight prostatitis. Certainly, a correct diet based on fruit

and vegetables is essential, preferring a diet rich in natural antioxidants. We have already talked in our blog

about how the bilberry and cranberry are exceptional in the prevention and treatment of cystitis. In fact, various 

studies show that bilberry has important benefits because, thanks to its high anthocyanin content, it inhibits

the attachment of bacteria to the walls of the urinary tract. This makes it useful therefore also in the treatment

of bacterial prostatitis that presents the E.Coli bacterium, but it is useful for every other bacterial strain. 

The bilberry and its benefits are the subject of several scientific studies and it is shown that the best way to take

it in useful quantities because its active ingredients carry out the desired effects is in the form of pure juice

100% organic pressed bilberry with no added sugar or additives, like the one offered by Amigra. 

What are you waiting for? Discover the bilberry juice and its benefits on our website. 

Consuming it daily will help you solve your prostate problems.

Post on : lug 4, 2019
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Author : Annalisa Aulicino

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