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Bio pomegranate juice: discover the organic world of Amigra.
Bio pomegranate juice: discover the organic world of Amigra.

Today we want to share with you the history of Amigra and how we arrived at the discovery and creation of the superfood par excellence: bio pomegranate juice.

It all started five years ago when we decided to move to Spain in a small town in the far south where everything is simpler and the climate knows no winters. We had to adapt to a different culture by renouncing certain habits and gaining, however, a life that is always outdoors in contact with nature. However, we have not renounced the organic food and we have continued to look for direct suppliers of fruit and vegetables to continue our lifestyle that is attentive to both taste and health.

After about a year, walking around the countryside, we realized that Southern Spain is the "home" of European pomegranate. Here its production is truly extensive, thanks above all to favorable climatic conditions. Spain is renowned for the high quality of this super fruit, being one of the leading global producers and the largest exporter in Europe. So we immediately became interested in this ancient fruit and after a bit of study we discovered a world. The pomegranate from a simple decorative element is becoming popular in the food choices of many consumers. Thanks also to scientific discoveries, which have crowned him as a food of well-being, an ally of anti-aging medicine and among natural remedies to guarantee the health of the organism.

We spent some time deepening the numerous scientific studies on this "superfood" and for us it was a revelation: pomegranate juice is rich in powerful natural antioxidants, such as polyphenols and punicalagin, capable of performing a strong protective action of cells of our body from the damage caused by free radicals.

So at the beginning we became habitual consumers (we drink a glass of organic pomegranate juice every morning) who have personally experienced the benefits for the regularity of the body, beauty of the skin, lowering of cholesterol and a feeling of general well-being. An experience that for us was the decisive input for the creation of good and strictly organic quality products, which could be easily integrated into everyday life, enriching our diet with those natural substances that can help improve and prevent the most common disorders in our age.

After careful research and selection, we were able to create one of the best organic pomegranate juices ever tasted: 100% fruit juice, 100% organic! 

Our organic pomegranate juice is produced during each seasonal harvest and is obtained only from organic fruit grown and selected in Spain, without the addition of water, sugars or additives.

The entire production process is controlled and certified by the Official Organism of Organic Agriculture of the European Union, thus guaranteeing a superior quality, free from pesticides, herbicides and toxic chemicals. Thanks to a harvest made at the right point of maturation, respecting and waiting for the times of nature, we were able to bring you the best organic pomegranate juice for sweetness and right acidity.

Our commitment is to work actively so that an integrated diet with the most powerful "fruits of nature" can be in the daily life of all aware people.

Enriching your diet with antioxidant and vitamin-rich fruit juices, drinking a glass of pomegranate, blueberry or other superfoods every day, always and only bio, must be a simple gesture. This is our mission!

Visit our website and Be naturally whole!

Post on : lug 30, 2019
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Author : Annalisa Aulicino

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